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The research topics of the Laboratory for Multifunctional Materials are located in the broad field of materials chemistry and nanoparticle research. In particular, we are interested in the synthesis of inorganic building blocks with defined sizes, shapes and surface chemistry, and their assembly and processing into macroscopic materials with tailored properties and functionalities for specific applications in energy storage and conversion, optics, gas sensing and (photo)catalysis.

In this context, we focus our research efforts on four key areas:

  1. Wet-chemical synthesis of inorganic building blocks
  2. Investigation of chemical formation and crystallization mechanisms using ex-situ and in-situ techniques
  3. Assembly and processing of the building blocks into macroscopic 1-, 2- and 3-dimensional architectures including fibers, films, aerogels and composites
  4. Study of the prepared materials for potential applications in gas sensors, in photoelectrochemical water splitting, catalysis and photocatalysis, optics, rechargeable batteries and in transparent conducting electrodes

In particular, the Laboratory for Multifunctional Materials pioneered the development of nonaqueous sol-gel routes, which give access to a wide variety of inorganic nanoparticles ranging from simple binary metal oxides to complex multi metal and doped nanomaterials.

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