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Spring Semester 2017

Date Weekday Room
Presenter(s) Comments
19.05. Fr, 0900 J498 Dr. Maarten Nachtegaal guest, PSI
02.06. Fr, 0900 J498 Meh Rahn
regular group meeting
09.06. Fr, 0900 TBA TBA TBA
13.06. Tu, 1715 J7 Prof. Patzke LAC lecture
14.06. We, 16:30 G7 Dr. Simic
A. Reiser
D-MATL Seminar
23.06. Fr, 0900 J498 Christian Hansel, Federico PhD student Dipan, PhD rehearsal
30.06. Fr, 0900 J498 Luca, Muroyama student Christoph, regular group meeting
07.07. Fr, 0900 J574 Christoph, Florian regular group meeting, student Xi
12.07. We, 16:30 G7 Dr. Libanori
Dr. Ederer
D-MATL Seminar
09.08. We, 16:30 G7 Dr. Kundu
Dr. Buttinoni
D-MATL Seminar
13.09. We, 16:30 G7 Dr. Style
Dr. Trassin
D-MATL Seminar
11.10. We, 16:30 G7 Prof. Walde
Dr. Schäublin
D-MATL Seminar
08.11. We, 16:30 G7 Prof. Caseri
Dr. Celebi
D-MATL Seminar
12.12. Tu, 16:30 G7 Dr. Leo
Dr. Vutukuri
D-MATL Seminar

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For speakers:

1. You have max. 15 minutes (conference: 12 min). Keep it simple and please stick to your time.

2. Give a short introduction on your project: why is it important or interesting?

3. Try to identify the most important results. Don't talk about details of all experiments you have ever made.

4. Use this opportunity to discuss open questions with colleagues.

For the audience:

1. If you liked the talk and/or the results, give credits to the speaker. 

2. If you did not understand something, ask a question.

3. Be constructive.


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